Nordic Ware Sunflower Pan

Nordic Ware Sunflower Pan - Buy Nordic Ware Sunflower Pan - Purchase Nordic Ware Sunflower Pan (Nordic Ware, Home & Garden, Categories, Kitchen & Dining, Cookware & Baking, Baking, Cake Pans, Seasonal & Novelty Cake Pans)
Nordic Ware Sunflower Pan
The Nordicware Platinum Series is made from heavy cast aluminum to provide superior baking performance. Your baked goods will rise more evenly, cook more uniformly, have greater detail and a delicious golden crust thanks to aluminum’s heat conducting ability. A special heat reflective exterior and premium non-stick surface assures your cake will leave the pan neatly and cleanly. Clean up will be just as simple. You’ll be able to create a stunning cake with minimum effort using this beautiful pan. Heavy cast aluminum with non-stick interior. Usually ships in 1-2 business days
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